how to reset a TV remote control

3 Ways on How To Reset A TV Remote Control

When do you think you need to browse the ways on how to reset a TV remote control? It would be much frustrating when a remote control is not responding. It can be about the remote which is not working with the TV so that there is no channel you can change.

One of the best ways to solve such issue is to reset the remote control. In this regards, there are three possible ways you can try to get your remote back to work with the TV.

Remove and Replace The Batteries of Remote Control.

Have you ever been in a situation when you are watching TV and wanting to change the channel yet your TV doesn’t show any response, what to do next is to fix the TV when it is not responding to your remote.

In this regards, there are four steps to follow. Firstly, change the batteries of the remote control. You can either take AAA or AA batteries. This way, you had better choose a new high quality ones. Secondly, reset the TV. Do it by unplugging the TV power cord from the wall outlet. Later, wait for five minutes. This will give the both devices time to get back to normal. Forth, plug the TV power cord back into the wall outlet. Finally you can check whether the remote control works with the TV. If this method doesn’t change anything, then follow the next steps below:

Reset The Television

The next considerable way on how to reset a TV remote control is to reset the television. Start by gently pull out the power plug from the all outlet that is connected to the TV. This will turn the TV off and reset any problems that probably cause the remote not working properly.

Wait for 5 minutes and plug in the TV power back to the wall outlet. Find out whether or not you can turn on the TV using remote control. If not, look for the small power button on the TV and press it to turn on it back. Later, you can try to use the remote control once more time to turn on the TV. Test the volume button on the remote control. Does it work?

If you don’t see the remote doesn’t work as you wish, check whether you place the battery on the right position or not. Make sure that you always use the battery from the same brands to support a higher performance.

If this method doesn’t show any significant result, try the following one.

Get Remote To Work With The TV

There are six possible steps related on how to reset a TV remote control to check out again and again when you are not successful with the step one and step two above.

First, make sure that there is no object interfering the area when you are using the remote to control the TV. Second, check if the remote control is losing the signal. This way, you can use your mobile camera to check the emitter on the front of the remote control. If there is any red light that means the remote is working. If not, check the batteries.

Third, make sure the infrared beam receptor on the TV is clean. Forth, make sure that the TV software is up-to-date. Next, turn off temporarily LED bulbs near the TV since they can obstruct the remote control signal. Last, you must also turn off any external components near the unit that might cause it to not work properly.

Now you can try one of the ways we have already shared. You can even try them all when you still find a problem to get the remote control back to normal. Well, we hope that information about how to reset a TV remote control can be useful for you.

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