Android vs iOS which one is better

Android VS iOS, Which One Is Better? Comparison Review

So you are wondering Android vs iOs, which one is better? There are actually more to see, from the customization up to the versatility, from the choice to the value and from the branding to the products’ specialty. If Android is much better, what makes iOS users addicted to iPhone and iPads?

It is really arguable to determine which one is better, Android or iOs. The reasons always go beyond the vanity and ignorance. Those who love Android and other who hold iOs are similarly the tech lovers. However, when it comes to purchase one of them, there are some product differences that should be addressed to support the final choice.

Here we are going to go with it.

iOS Is Super Simple and Easy to Use

The first important reason for a person in selecting a smartphone is the super simple and easy to use feature offered by the device. This is aimed to allow not only young people but also elderly to use the device well based on their needs.

In this regards, iOS is considered simpler and easier to use for people at all ages. It is because the device is designed with the operating system simplicity. There is no more mess and customization the users must deal with. iOS device works well and is easy to use along with the straight forward settings. There is not even a learning curve.

iOs Is Typically Faster and Smoother

Android vs iOs, which one is better? To find out the answer, everyone should know the fact that iOS is typically faster and smoother. Based on the users’ experience, performance is one of the things that iOS do much better than Android. If we are looking over the iPhone internals, this may seem ridiculous. However, iPhone 11 Pro Max is currently designed and launched as the most powerful Apple smartphone featuring six-core CPU with 4GB of RAM. These specs would be accounted as the mid-range at the best of Android world.

Further, Apple also comes with the closed ecosystem that leads to a tighter integration. Thus, it needs no super powerful specs to fit the high-end Android phone. Well, we are not going to say that iOS devices can perform all of what Android devices do since all phones are designed with their own stunning performance.

Despite the fact, iOS devices are faster and smoother than the most Android devices in price comparison.

Timely Updates

Again, we are not going to say that iOS is much better in anything than Android devices. In fact, iOS does better in updating the software. This way, iOS device requires the latest updates and it will automatically update all of the software as soon as it launches. This is not a good news for old versions of iOS devices since they cannot handle more.

For Android devices, updating software is directly processed to the products. Moreover, through the Google Play Store, Android devices can update all the software and apps to optimize the devices. This in one of the great things offered since Google does better in integrating the services across the devices. However, Apple products including iPhone, Apple TV, iPads, Mac computers and Apple Watches have also a great integration with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and other in-house services.

Talking about app stores, Apple App Store is best described to be significantly better policed and curated than the Google Play Store.

So what would you have in mind now? Android vs iOs, which one is better? Through the review we have just shared above, it clearly shows that iOS seems better than Android. However, the choice and preference is on your both hands.

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