New Voyager Pro RCA Tablet with Case

Compact but Handy Voyager Pro RCA Tablet

Voyager Pro RCA Tablet is a handy smartphone that can also function as a tablet. You probably think that the tablet would be too small for a regular tablet. But let’s not forget that it is a combined smartphone and a tablet so it is worth the features and the performance.

The Compact Tablet

Instead of a smartphone, the manufacturer prefers calling this device a tablet. It has a compact size with 7-inch size. The 7-inch size is quite enough to watch your favorite videos comfortably and it fits nicely for some pockets, purses, and definitely bags.

This Voyager is operating on the Android operating system so you have direct access to the Google Play platform. For most users, this tablet has a convenient and nice operational function – it is simple and easy to use. It uses Marshmallow 6.0 system which makes it convenient. Basically, if you want a fuss-free tablet with an affordable price range and decent performance, this Voyager Pro RCA Tablet would be the perfect option.

Nice Keyboard

The tablet has its own folding keyboard which can be handy when you want to work with it. Yes, the device comes with its touchscreen feature but having an extra keyboard makes it even nicer and handier. After all, if you know the struggle of having to type with two thumbs, you know the general drill to it.

After all, the mini keyboard is convenient. It is portable and lightweight. You won’t even feel the extra weight with it. And the cool thing about this keyboard is its multifunctional benefits. Not only it is great for typing, but it is also the case for the tablet. How neat it is!

And despite the compact size, the keyboard has a solid hinge. It doesn’t feel flimsy or lame, because it is quite firm and sturdy. It closes and opens nicely and you won’t have to fumble with complicated design or whatsoever.

The Performance

In terms of performance, this Voyager Pro RCA Tablet is definitely different from the regular laptop – it won’t be as powerful as the regular one. With a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, it has a solid and nice performance – just as you can expect from mid-level smartphones. And thanks to its 1GB of RAM, you can watch your favorite videos just comfortably.

Keep in mind that this device isn’t meant as the smartphone replacement but as a handy extra addition. If you are going to use it as a working tool on the go, be advised to bring a power bank. The battery isn’t as long as a regular laptop, mind you. But as an additional device, it can be quite useful and it is pretty entertaining too, you can check another Amazing RCA Tablet here.


In the overall end, this tablet is pretty handy for games, movies, and video calls. If you want to use it to do your work on the go (but not for the too serious one where you have to dedicate your entire time to it), this is also a pretty good option. The keyboard is convenient. The performance is smooth – but don’t expect too much. If you have a decent expectation, this Voyager Pro RCA Tablet can be a good option.

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