smart TV vs Android TV

Major Differences Between Smart TV and Android TV

Imagine you are walking in an electronics store to find a device that perfectly suits your binge-watching habits. Surely, it will be confusing enough without knowing the differences between smart TV and Android TV when you arrive at the TV stands.

So never let yourself magically hypnotized by the tech-jargon flying at you faster than your eyes and wallet. So let’s share a bit review about the major differences between the both devices. In this regards we are going to share the review by describing them one by one in details.

Smart TV

If you have never known smart TV, this is a good time to invest. Simply to understand, smart TV comes with the built-in apps that the consumers can effectively and easily use through the TV’s internet connectivity. This means that through the internet connection, the users have an access to streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon just in one convenient package.

Just like you are streaming to watch video and other stuffs on your PC through internet connection, you can do it at home with smart TV. In short, this device enables you to watch everything you want to, not only the programs provided by the TV but also more other stuffs you can access along with the Wi-Fi connection.

Is there any downside?

There is never something comes with advantages without a single thing as a downside. The more you download apps, the more limited for you to get stuck with what you have done. Further, most of operating systems are not upgradable. Yes, you cannot upgrade the apps.

Android TV

To completely know the major differences between smart TV and Android TV, now we focus on evaluating Android TV.

When it comes to connect a world wide web, Android TV has works similarly with their smart counterparts. So what are the differences?

Due to the fact that Android TV has access to the Google Play Store, there are lots of apps available there. Thus, everyone can definitely use the apps to enjoy everything like he/she can do with smart TV. In this case, Skyworth becomes the first company in South Africa to be a partner with Google. This lead the TV users to be able to access streaming services like Showmax, Netflix and YouTube which are all providing a pleasure and great convenience.

In addition to the greatness offered by Android TV, there is a feature of TV’s Voice Search functionality that allow you to manually type what you want and talk to your TV with the remote for a quicker and hassle-free way to look for. To manage your smart device at home, you can also pair this feature with Google Assistant, thus, you can do more optimization and get lots of function.

One more, if you find that the Smart TV apps are not upgradable, Android TV offers the best of it. All the apps are upgradable and available so you can keep up with the best entertainment sections not only in apps but also in games and TV programs. Well, having Android TV is like possessing a smartphone but in giant size except for the fact that it cannot make a call. Ops….

In the end of your journey at the TV stores, which one will be your best option? Through the differences between smart TV and Android TV we have informed, it is much expected that you can make a decision on which TV to buy and bring home. The most important thing of all is probably your need and your personal preference.

Hope that information about the differences between smart TV and Android TV above can inspire you all.

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