7 Ways to Fix Google Play Store Not Working 2

7 Ways to Fix Google Play Store Not Working

Having Google Play Store is a must as it can be the simplest and easiest mediator between the apps and the users. However, it is always possible that the phone experiences Google Play Store not working. It will be just like a hell and the sky feels like wanting to fall down. How will you be able to download a new desired app without it? No Worry. It won’t happen.

Though there is no definite manual to fix the problem, we come to put together a set of tips and tricks that helps you make the precious app run again as normally. Here we go now!

Check The Problem

Before you finally take up our bunch of steps to fix a problem, make sure that the problem isn’t with the Google itself. So check the problem by heading somewhere like the Down Detector to see if there are other reporting issues. If some people have similar cases, that means that you need to be little patient since it might be just a temporary server issue.

Force Close The Google Play Store App

The second tip you may want to try is to force close the Google Play Store app. This is the simple way of fixing such problem just by sweeping away the app on your multi-tasking switcher. Go to “Settings” and “Apps” and finally tap in “All”. Later, access the Google Play Store and tap on “Force Close”.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Not very sure how this one will work to fix Google Play Store not working but many people find it good to do. So switch your device to an Airplane Mode on and off. It is considered helpful to get the app back on track. Well, this is not a complicated process, is it? Further, it is a safe way. So why don’t you try?

Restart Your Router

Without requiring you to be an expert, simply restart the router will help you fix the Wi-Fi issue. Though it seems make no sense, giving a try will probably affect the Wi-Fi and get everything work again as normally.

Toggle Wi-Fi On and Off

Similar to the way you fix Google Play Store not working by turning on Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi could also be a source of problem that makes your app not working. Well, it is just common to see that your Wi-Fi connection get troubled. Now you can try to fix it by toggling your Wi-Fi connection on and off. To help you do more to get the app back, you can play around with it for a few minutes. Then see it works.

Restart Your Phone

These times, modern electronics sometimes need only to be smacked in order that it can properly work again. Wait… keep in mind that this is not an actual smack but it is necessary to put everything back in place. This way, you can do a simple reboot to your phone. Though it may take a minute or more, it can be very helpful to fix the problem on your app.

Wipe The Google Play Store Cache

On every phone, there must be some awesome tools including cache memory. This tool locally stores the data, allowing the phone to reduce the data usage and increase the speed of the loading times. If you download the data to access a page, the older data can stack. This may cause the data misbehave. That’s why, clearing cache from time to time is a good idea.

In short, there is nothing to worry about Google Play Store not working. Some possible tips and tricks can surely be found anywhere else. Get ours and have a try!

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