TCL 6 Series 65 Inch TVs

Guide and Review 2020 of TCL 6 Series 65 Inch 4K UHD

Nowadays, getting a new TV can be a daunting task. It happens because there are countless options available in the market with endless types of features. Rather than answers, you will be bombarded by questions in the search for getting the best TV online. At that moment, you need to figure out the facts about a TV whether you want to purchase plasma, LCD, LED or an OLED TV. But this was not enough so you can check the guide has provided the best points to purchase a branded TV like TCL 6 Series 65 Inch.

Essential Criteria

When it comes to purchasing the best TV, you can quickly check out some of the important facts about the product. It will completely help to get the best product long to avoid several issues.

  • Check out the features of the product
  • Different sizes of the TV
  • The elements that have used in the fabrication of TV
  • Know more about the advanced features for the better use

These are some of the facts that you can consider to choose the best TV. You make sure to check out all these facts before getting the decision to purchase a TV. It will benefit to get the precise product under the budget.

TCL 6 Series 65 Inch was stunning at its cost extend, and the 2019 model takes things to a considerably more elevated level. While this 4K HDR TV isn’t without two or three imperfections, you adored it and are extremely dazzled by how much quality and premium innovation it conveys at its cost. For any individual who needs one serious 4K HDR TV at an unimaginably low value, the R625 is one of our total most loved picks.

Key Features

Where to begin? There is such an outsized number of amazingly beneficial things about the new 2019 TCL 6 Series TVs that you’d like to consider absolutely the best highlights of this TV to make sure we will fit everything fundamental into this area. This 4K UHD TV is stacked with amazing specs and performs out marvelously. Watching its shading, contrast, and gaming execution was particularly great. Here are the simplest parts of those amazingly moderate 4K TVs.

Gaming availability

The gaming slashes of the 2019 TCL 6-Series TVs are brilliant. Well the TCL 6-Series beats Samsung on most fronts apart from therein it’s two releases don’t offer 120Hz showcase which this TV has no help for Variable invigorate rate innovation as AMD. Generally info, the R625 is fabulous.

Local dimming

One of the top features of this product is the contrast ratio, black level, or local dimming. It has considered as a 4K UHD TV model that provides uniform black quality or impressively level to watch The Dark scenes. The quality of dimming Technology has activated automatically when the scenes are darker. As a result, you can enjoy the brightness of TV with deep blackness. This product has control an incredible contrast ratio that is the best option to purchase among other LCD under the same price tag.

Great color combinations

To additionally supplement its ability for profound, rich dark levels, the 6-Series can likewise provide remarkable color execution almost altogether cases. Regarding both HDR and normal SDR shading execution for content and games, this TV sparkles. Besides, its capacity to duplicate dynamic even at extremely significant levels of brilliance or during dim scenes is incredibly acceptable.


The TCL 6 Series 2019 TV is incredibly bright when the mode is set to HDR or SDR. It provides the peak brightness on every angle. It complements the contrast of black level performance that has treated as the superb quality in the earth R625 TV. It is considered as 4k TV has average brightness for very high quality in HDR or SDR mode. You can watch the impressive content on the TV with peak brightness. It has a limit to reach the 900 units under HDR or SDR content viewing panel.

Enormous HDR

The overall quality of the product is extremely in the color saturation, local dimming, or offers Fantastic display brightness with multiple HDR formats. In short, this TV provides the best HDR capability is that is completely superb. If you would love to watch the favorite shows or HD movies, you can enjoy a dynamic range of views on this TV. You will never be disappointed by the quality of TV because it displays the best content. It can produce high-quality content with HDR gaming graphics that is a great outcome.

Smart TV

In the end, among all the display features of the TCL 6 Series, you can check out the smart TV platform. It comes with Roku TV and that is one of the favorite smart TV interfaces in the technology or terms of usability. All the apps are available on the TV or you can enjoy several incredible features. This TV has remote control actors with quality and was completely useful control. It has considered the best TV of the year with private listening earphones.

  • Regular updates and highlight enhancements
  • Straightforward menus with brisk reactions
  • Full customization, including input naming
  • Contributions on a similar landing page as TV applications.
  • More applications and 4K HDR applications than some other shrewd TV framework
  • 4K Spotlight and 4K applications class make discovering 4K content simpler.
  • Cross-stage search covers numerous administrations, permits value correlations.
  • More Ways to Watch recommends spilling appears in reception apparatus program management.
  • Can delay live TV from a radio wire source and a USB stick

How to buy it?

In the search for the best TV, you should get a look at multiple options. You need to ensure about the quality or make sure that there are no issues in the product. Here you can check out the different kinds of things about the product that can have to purchase the best quality TV. So you need to remember all these things in mind to find a favorable product.

  • You can check out the best products available online.
  • How much you will be able to invest in the TV?
  • What size of TV do you want to purchase?
  • What are your satisfied requirements?

All these factors will help to pick the product efficiently. You may check out all the features or quality facts about the product before purchase. To know more about the product, you can continue reading about specifications, benefits or many more. Here you can check out more details about the product in brief.

The TCL 6-Series 4K HDR LCD TV is amazingly decent with spending plan 4K TV model has genuinely specs and loads of extraordinary features. It offers completely eminent shading and gaming cleaves. Its other highlighted feature is a reasonable cost, quality contrast, profound dark levels, and some surprisingly great darkening for such a moderate ultra HD TV besides full HDR. The 6-Series additionally offers Dolby Vision HDR and is an incredible replacement to the extraordinary 2018 6-Series versions.


Let’s get a glimpse of the benefits of TCL 6 Series LCD TV. With extraordinary features, it delivers many benefits that would be a great return on investment. It has automated features that adjust the brightness quality or sound quality. It has blended weather better color combinations in both of the modes include HDR or SDR. Those who are looking for the best device to experience the HD games, it can be a great device.

  • Exceptional low info slack
  • Profound, uniform blacks
  • Great wide shading range
  • The TV handles both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.
  • Excellent overall image quality, with deep black levels
  • impressive brightness
  • Rich contrast and more accurate color than last year
  • Superb movement taking care
  • Really solid dark level and difference execution
  • Great shading conveyance and HDR support
  • Incredible showcase brilliance


TCL 6 Series 4k TV is superb but it’s not perfect. Do you want to know why this TV is not effective? As per reviews, it has found out that it can be a privacy edition. For some of the users, it may be a sale-breaker but it has some disinfectant things that you can check out-

  • The first and most serious issue we certainly need to know about the TCL 6-Series 2019 releases is that their movement dealing isn’t magnificent.
  • A second issue of the TCL 6-Series 4K UHD TV is its feeble review points.
  • Like most 4K LCD TVs in all value extends that we’ve evaluated to-date, the TCL 625 releases offer fair local sound.
  • Observable movement curios
  • Some movement dealing with issues
  • Weak review edges
  • Native Audio is awful


Specification Sheet PDF File

In the event that you want to learn about the detailed specs, you can always come to the link below. The manual is available in pdf format which means that you can download it and read it later in your device with a pdf reader. Knowing the details can help you have a clearer idea about what to expect from this TV. Download TCL 6 Series LED TV Specification Sheet

Quick Start Guide PDF File

In the event you want to learn more about its QuickStart feature, you can always visit this link. Feel free to download or view it in your device. Who knows? Maybe you are finally interested in buying the TV and you will need this guide to help you activate the TV. Download TCL 6 Series Quick Start Guide

User Manual PDF File

A lot of users claim that managing the installation is pretty easy. It is direct and straightforward. Even if you are new at this, you won’t have any problem managing everything, including the setting and the adjustment. If you are interested in buying one, it doesn’t hurt to check the below link. You can get some ideas from the manual. At least you can get a better understanding of the device. Download TCL 6 Series User Manual

TCL 6 Series 65 Inch Video

Final words

As per discussion, the TCL 6 Series 65 Inch doesn’t have cheap designation or quality. It can be a great option for all who are looking for better picture quality. In terms of getting the 4 K qualities TV, it can be your next stop. As compared to other models, the overall value proposition of TCL is completely satisfied. The product has performed excellently. you can read more about Essential things you need to know about TCL 6 Series here

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