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How Much Does It Cost To Fix An LED TV? Let’s Check Out The Estimation

How much does it cost to fix an LED TV? In general, the average cost to repair a TV is approximately $207, ranging from $60 to $350. In most cases, a common TV fixes include the replacement of motherboard or power supply which costs $250, bulb which costs $88, HDMI port which costs $200 and the backlight repair which costs $111. Meanwhile, if you bring your broken TV to a repair shop, it will charge from $60 to $125 per hour.

So what do you conclude from the statements above? Fixing an LED TV basically much depends on what to fix toward the TV itself. Now let’s learn the cost estimation from the TV repair services through the guide below:

Cost Of TV Repair

Typically, either for LCD, LED, plasma or even 4K TVs, the average costs start from $60 to $350 with the most spending $207. These costs of TV repair can be much higher if you make a request of repairing projection, older DLP and HD TVs. Other TV problems that can be fixed offered by the TV repair shop include the display issues, sound issues, and powering-on problems. In this case, picking up the unit and its delivery may take some fees.

Related to the TV repairing cost, the cost will include the labor costs and the price of parts as well as other related costs. This way, there are usually some additional charges such as the trip free for the technician to reach your home, a fee for transporting your TV and the diagnostic fees to determine what kind of parts to fix and replace.

LED TV Repair

So how much does it cost to fix an LED TV? Due to the fact that an LED TV is just an LCD TV that uses LED backlighting in which all the models are new. In most cases, the problem that mostly occur to an LED TV is the backlighting strips. This way, a new replacement seems to be the best solution of all.

In this regards, the cost to replace the backlighting strips of an LED TV ranges from $100 to $122 including the labor costs and the parts costs.

Cost Of LED Strips Replacement

As we have mentioned above that replacing the LED strips can cost from $100 to $122, now let’s evaluate how it can be that much.

It is best described that replacing the LED strips isn’t that practical. Mostly, the LEDs and light diffusion panel are glued altogether on the back of the screen. If the glue to join them breaks, the diffusion panel will get damaged so that it can disturb the light distribution to the screen.

In this relation an LED TV with the smaller size might be possible to remove the LEDs even without causing damage to the light diffusion panel. The next problem is created after all in terms of not replacing the strips correctly on your TV. In this case, the LEDs are usuallu attached to the assembled LCD panels.

Common TV Problems To Fix

Actually, there are some issues of LED TV that you must be aware of. Those are the power problems, digital problems, sound issues and screen problems for example the sound is normal but there is no picture on the screen. For these cases, the Commercial Service Co. charges between $175 and $200 if the problems are just standard.

Overall, how much does it cost to fix an LED TV? Prepare your budget of $350 for the highest estimation. However, the cost can be lower depending on what to fix on your LED TV.

So after you know how much does it cost to fix an LED TV, we hope our information help you to know the average of an LED TV repair cost.

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