How To Boost Your Android Battery Life

2 Easy Tips On How To Boost Your Android Battery Life

Sometimes, Using Android may require you to do some tricky ways to extend the device’s battery life and make the charge longer. Of course, it would depend on the types of the device have. In this regards, we have 2 simple and easy tips on how to boost your Android battery Life you may consider trying.

Select Settings That Use Less Battery

 No matter what type of your Android, you can boost your Android battery life by choosing the settings that use less battery. In this case, there are eight steps how to do so.

Firstly, turn off your screen as soon as possible. Second, you must reduce the brightness of the screen. Later, the brightness must be set to change automatically. After all, turn off the sound or vibration of the keyboard.

The fifth steps require you to limit the apps that might highly use the battery. Choose only the apps that you need every day. For example, if you don’t need like too much on taking photos, save only one or two apps of camera.

The sixth step is turning on the adaptive battery or battery optimization. And last, remove some unused account.

Overall, you might feel uncomfortable to have a screen which is not bright enough for you or some other case, however, it is one of the best ways on how to boost your Android battery Life so that you can lengthen the battery lifespan.

Stretch A Low Battery

The second way to boost the battery life on your Android is to stretch a low battery. There are five main instructions to follow.

Firstly, you need to turn on the battery saver or low power mode. This mode is already available in the options of settings. Second, you must avoid to act that keeps your screen. For example, don’t use navigation for long periods, don’t watch videos and try not to play graphic-heavy games.

The third steps to stretch a low battery is probably avoiding constant internet connection. In this case, you can avoid tethering your phone, using GPS for long periods, streaming music or videos and making phone calls on the move, for example, while you are driving.

Next, please avoid to access much information. In this case, avoid using the camera more often and don’t play games all the time as well as using only some apps for long periods.

The last instruction is limiting the connectivity and location. Well, if you need no mobile network, turn on the mode of Airplane. If there is any Wi-Fi connection available, you can use it instead of your data package. Later, turn off the Bluetooth and the location access though some apps and features will not work properly. No worry, when it seems that you can charge your battery, you can go back to use your phone normally.

In short, these are like you are limiting what you do with the phone. Though it makes you silent enough with the phone, it can help you boost the battery lifespan especially when you are traveling far away from home and seems impossible to get the phone charged before arriving at the hotel or villa.

Other tips on how to boost your Android battery Life you might lightly want to try is to fix the battery problems by restarting the phone, check for Android updates as well as check for the apps update and reset to factory setting. If all of these tips cannot help you so, the last thing to do is calling your device manufacturer.

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