how to connect Android tablet to computer

How To Connect Android Tablet To Computer

Though file transfers are sometimes easy, some new starters still find it confusing if possessing certain devices for the first time. If you are one of them, then you will not. Luckily we have a bundle of methods on how to connect Android tablet to computer.

Truly, there are some of the most common ways of such file transferring we are going to share here. So don’t go anywhere, stay here for not more than 5 minutes to check them out.

Use A USB Cable

Using USB cable for file transferring is the most common way. And it is just pretty easy to do that. Well, start by firstly using the charging cable or USB cable that is compatible with both your tablet and your computer. Second, there will a notification appears on the tablet viewing a list of connection. Tap it.

Third, select the media device to let you to transfer files between your tablet and your computer and vice versa. The fourth step will require you to press the icon of windows and Win+E pn the computer so that you can open the File Explorer.

Later, tap “This PC” which is located in the left column. In this step, you will be viewed a list of drives and devices that are connected to your computer appearing in the main panel. So double-click the tablet as the sixth step to perform. This way, you will be displayed the files on your tablet. Simply, you can drag the files to and from the tablet as you wish.

Use A Bluetooth

The second most common way on how to connect Android tablet to computer used by most users in the world is using Bluetooth. In this case, Bluetooth is already build-in both on the tablet and on the computer. Thus, you don’t have to install them.

So simply turn on your Bluetooth on your tablet as the first step by opening the tablet’s settings. Secondly, tap on the menu on our computer which is usually in the top-left corner of the screen.

The third step is to select the System Preference and fourth, select Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth which you can find on the left side of the tablet window. Once the Bluetooth is already on, find out your tablet name which is usually in the right side of the tablet window.

The fifth step will require you to click “Pair” for pairing the tablet and the computer. Seventh, select “Pair” on your tablet. In this case, your computer will show a code that you must enter on your tablet for completing the pairing. So just enter the code to have your tablet and computer paired.

The eight step is to select the computer’s menu bar. It is at the top-right corner of the screen. In this step, if you cannot find the Bluetooth option, you can enable it by tapping the Apple icon menu and select System Preference. Next, tap on Bluetooth and choose Show Bluetooth in menu bar.

Later, tap on “Browse Files” on the device. This option is usually at the bottom at the Bluetooth menu. So select your tablet name and tap Browse. This is how you can use your computer to browse and utilize the files on your tablet.

These two common ways on how to connect Android tablet to computer prove to be the most effective ways for file transferring. So there is nothing to worry about file transferring if you have a new Android tablet and need to transfer files either from the tablet to computer or vice versa.

Well, we hope that information about how to connect Android tablet to computer above can inspire you all!

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