how to fix my iOs cannot connect to App Store

6 Steps on How To Fix My iOS Cannot Connect to App Store

Possessing iPhone or iPad is commonly experiencing a problem that iOS cannot connect to app store. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Either you cannot connect the App store to download apps or your iPhone or iPad refuses to sign in and even you cannot download an app, here are some possible ways to try on how to fix my iOs cannot connect to App Store.

So now never be sad, instead, you must be happy for we offer you to work through the following steps to try and fix the issues soon.

Is The App Store Down?

One simple thing that you can firstly perform is checking out whether or not the App store is down. In this case, the App Store may get down in a certain time and you are notified that it was working on fixing the issue.

So you had better check the Apple’s System Status page that usually view the list of problems with all of the company’s online services. If you find that your App store is down, you just need to wait for a few moments. This way, Apple is going to solve it automatically.

Check The Web Connection

The second steps you can try is to check out the web connection. Obviously, to connect to App store, your iPhone may stay online with the secure web connection. So make sure it is well connected to the web by visiting Google. If you can access Google, it means you have a good web connection.

Find Another Wi-Fi Network

Though your iPhone might have already connected to a WI-Fi network, there is probably a restriction that causes you not able to connect to App Store. So find another Wi-Fi network alternatively to see if it can fix the problem.

Check If You Run Out Of Data

Another way on how to fix my iOS cannot connect to App Store is to find out whether or not you run out of data. This is especially when you use a cellular connection. Unfortunately, it is not pretty easy to check the data usage on iOS. So you need to check the terms of your contract to see the date on which your data are reset.

In this step, you can head to “Settings” and select “Mobile Data” on the day of the month. Check out how much data you use and what apps are taking up your data package.

Log Out and Log In

If you want to see your App Store works, you can simply log out and log in for several times. Head to “Settings” and select “iTunes & App Store”. Click on “Apple ID” located at the top of the screen and choose “Sign Out”. Log in again using your Apple ID along with your password.

Clear Your Memory

If your iOS cannot connect to the App store, it is probably because of the full memory you have on your iPhone. This way, older version of iPhone was designed with the less RAM and less Storage.

To clear your full memory, double-tap the option “Home” and swipe up on your App Store. This is aimed to close the app. Next, open App store again and check out whether it can fix the problem. If this can’t help you so, close all open apps and turn your iPhone on and off again so that the memory will be cleared well.

Finally, these 6 steps on how to fix my iOS cannot connect to App Store are expected to help you fix the problem. Share this if you find it helpful. Hope you can fix yours soon!

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