How To Increase RAM on Android Device

How To Increase RAM on Android Device with 2 Excellent Ways

Did you know why your phone gets so slow that you cannot even watch YouTube? Perhaps, it’s the time for you to find out some ideas on how to increase RAM on Android Device. Like you are growing old, your phone is, too. It makes a lot bloatware and unnecessary apps stored on your device. One of the reason why your phone is getting slow is the apps that keeps running even when you are not using them.

When your phone lags, crashes and stutters, that shows that you don’t have enough RAM. Though you can increase the Ram BY using a micro SD card, you still need to possess a rooted phone. Alternatively, you can also maximize the performance of the phone through the device optimization.

Try one of two of these ideas below we are sharing here.

Increasing RAM in Android Device Using Micro SD Card (For Your Rooted Devices)

If your device is rooted, one of the best ways on how to increase RAM on Android Device is using micro SD card. This method requires no charge. It is designed for Android smartphones and other devices which are rooted.

For preparation, you need a class $ or higher class micro SD card, a SD card reader, a rooted Android phone and a Windows-operated PC.

Firstly, check whether or not your Android device supports swapping by installing the “Memoryinfo & Swapfile Check” app. secondly, partition your micro SD card by using Mini Tool Partition Wizard. This way, insert your micro SD card into the card reader and get it connected to your PC. Open the Mini Tool Partition Wizard and format your inserted micro SD card. Click on “Done”

The third step is to link your Android to your micro SD card by downloading Link2SD. Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and give permission to the root. Tap on “.ext” partition to get the micro SD card and the device linked.

Last, increase the RAM on your Android phone using a root swapper. So download a Swapper and choose the increase you want.

Increasing RAM on Android Device by Maximizing the Phone’s Performance (for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices)

The second option on how to increase RAM on Android Device you can try is maximizing the phone’s performance no matter whether your device is rooted or unrooted. This way, you can do the trick by the aid of the Smart Booster as the light third-party.

The first of all steps is make sure you have downloaded and installed the Smart Booster app on your device. This is a light optimization that offers you to boost by doing the auto boost, overlaying the widget and maximizing the home screen widget, notification bar and Boost Now option.

Second, select the boost level depending on how much you want to increase the speed of your device. For boosting the phone’s performance, you can select the aggressive level.

Third, use the advanced application manager to disable system apps, hibernate the rarely-used apps, recommend which apps you need to move, backup apps easily, manage the apk files and scan the auto-start apps.

Forth, increase RAM on your Android device manually. Click on “Boost Now” and select “Boost” button appearing on your notification bar. This method will reduce the unnecessary process and increase your phone’s performance. Well, it is good to try the both ideas on how to increase RAM on Android Device either by using micro SD card for rooted phones or maximizing the phone’s performance for both rooted and unrooted phones. This is aimed to see which one will work well. Hope that steps above how to increase RAM on Android Device can be useful for you.

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