How to Program RCA Universal Remote

How to Program RCA Universal Remote Using Auto Code Searching System

If you have so many different remote controls for many different devices, you may want to know how to program RCA universal remote. Having electronic devices with remote controls can be handy, and yet you also need to deal with different remotes – and this can be confusing.

Imagine this: There they are, piles of remote controls on the coffee table. When you want to turn on the AC, you need to rummage them first. When you want to change the channels, you have to dig into those piles before getting the right device. If this is your case, then having a universal remote can be the best solution. You only use one remote to control everything. Yes, you can use one device to control the TV, the AC, or even your home theater.

These are the methods on how to program RCA universal remote with the auto code search system. This method is painless and fast – and you should be able to pair the remote with other devices around the house. However, this method has to go through trial and error mode, so you can’t have an instant work. Make sure that you have the time to manage everything.

Ways to Program the RCA Universal Remote

  • First thing first: check whether the remote has batteries or not. Also, make sure that the devices and components are hooked up before the syncing.
  • On the device or component that you want to set, turn them on
  • Press and then release the corresponding button with the component you want to program. Let’s say that you want the remote to control the BlueRay player or the TV, then you should press and then release the BluRay or TV button. You should see that the On/Off button on the remote will light up and it will stay that way.
  • Press and then hold the ‘Component’ button and also the On/Off button together. If you do it right, the illuminated (On/Off) button will go off but it will be back on again after a moment. Don’t let go of your hold just yet.
  • After the On/Off button is on again, release both buttons. The button should stay on.
  • Afterward, press and then release the button ‘Play’ on your remote. In the event the component you want to program doesn’t go off after 5 seconds, you need to continue hitting the play button once every 5 seconds until the component goes off
  • Press and then release the button ‘Reverse’. Wait and see whether the component goes back on again. If it doesn’t, press the button once every 3 seconds until it does
  • Press and then release the button ‘Stop’. It will save the setup (within the remote’s memory) for the device.
  • If you have extra devices that you want to pair with the remote, you repeat the process again from the beginning. They are pretty similar.

Final Words

Be sure to press the buttons properly and correctly. Otherwise, you will miss the entire sync process. If it gets stuck or freeze, reboot your hardware. Pull out the batteries and then return them back again so you can start all over again from step one. Knowing how to program RCA universal remote is pretty simple but then again, you need to allow trial and error.

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