how to save your phone from water damage

8 Steps on How To Save Your Phone From Water Damage

Though you may have been so careful to keep your phone safe with you, sometimes you cannot avoid the water drooping on your phone or you yourself drop it to the watery spot. Thus, we come with the best 8 steps on how to save your phone from water damage. Have a quick read at the following review sections and take them for benefits.

Turn Off The Phone

The first important step you should do when seeing your phone contact the water is to turn it off. However, if it isn’t already, you can hold the phone upright.

Remove SIM and Micro SD Cards

Once you turned the phone off, immediately remove the SIM and MicroSD cards out of their slots. This is important and a must-do thing to make sure that both SIM and MicroSD cards are not wet because of the water.

Open Up The Phone and Remove The Battery (For Old Phone)

Only if you have an old phone, you might need to open it up and remove the battery. This is aimed to find out whether or not the battery is wet. If so, then you must do the next following steps.

Dab Your Phone Dry

It is a bad news that you might find your phone is wet. So it would be better enough to use a cloth or a paper towel to wipe it dry. This way, avoid treating the phone using a liquid around the phone too much since it causes the phone to open more. Instead, you need only to soak it up as much as possible.

Use Vacuum

It is possible to use a vacuum? Will it be alright for the phone? One of the best ways on how to save your phone from water damage is “yes” vacuuming the device. However, you must remember that you can perform this action only when there is a water stuck in the cracks that make you difficult to handle. In the other words, you may attempt to do this if the water damage is too extensive. However, before you apply this method, make sure the SIM and MicroSD are removed out of the phone.

Use Ziplock Bag

Using a ziplock bag to bury the phone with full of uncooked rice is also considered effective to dry up the device. This way, the rice will greatly absorb the liquid. Well, this is just the easy and common method to dry smartphones or other devices when they experiences water damage.

Wait A Bit Patiently

Sometimes, wait something a bit patiently is good and necessary. So let your phone dry for either one day or two, especially if it still works. In this case, try to put your SIM card in another phone to see whether it works.

Charge Your Phone

Charge your phone soon if it cannot turn on immediately. See whether the sign of charging bar appears. If it doesn’t work, that means the battery is probably damaged. This way, you likely need to replace the battery or taking the phone to a repair shop to have the professional checked it.

Meanwhile, if you can just turn the phone on and see it runs again, be careful for the next few days.

Overall, it is important to know each ways on how to save your phone from water damage. For prevention, you can keep your phone away from places that potentially watery. Avoid bringing a smartphone on your hand when you are going to the pool, beach or even juts to a restroom.

If you find this helpful, share it with your friends. Hope that step by step on how to save your phone from water damage above can help save your gadget!

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