Portable Media Player and Apple TV

How To Turn On A Conventional TV To A Smart TV Using Portable Media Player and Apple TV

Why do you think you need to know how to turn on a conventional TV to a smart TV? These days, people watch anything a lot online in their smart TV. However, if you don’t have the unit, don’t get disheartened. Fortunately, a non-smart TV can be turned into a smart one. Thus, if you only have a conventional TV, don’t worry too much since you can turn it into the smart one.

Now if you are really eager to convert your existing and conventional TV to enjoy a smart TV without spending too much money, here are what you can try:

Use Portable Media Player

If you must deal with the tight budget, consider an ultra-portable media player. It is a thumb-sized stick that looks like a USB pen driver. It is deigned to stream online content such as pictures, videos and music wirelessly from your PC, tablet or smartphone to your TV screen.

There are a few brands of portable media player available on the market now. If you shop online, you can purchase the product called Google Chromecast on Amazon and Ebay. They are simply easy to use by simply plugging in the device into the free HDMI port on your conventional TV. This way, Chromecast has a microUSB port that you must connect to a free USB port on the TV. Follow the instruction to connect to the Wi-Fi network at your home. Later, install the Chromecast app on your smartphone to the same wireless network. Run the app based on the instruction.

Once the process is finished, you can watch the full HD videos from YouTube onto your TV screen.

Apple TV

The second way on how to turn on a conventional TV to a smart TV is using apple TV. In this case, Apple TV which is Rs 8,295 is a network media player that everyone can use to stream the videos, music and images from your Android or iOS device.

Later, you are required to install an app such as Plex, PlayTo or Apple TV Air Play Media Player on your tablet. This way, you can subscribe to the channels, either buying or renting the movies on iTunes through this player. However, you cannot store anything in.

Similar to Chromecast, you will be required to use a pen drive to play a movie. Apple TV is powered by a quad-core processor paired with 8GB on board storage. For the availability of connection, you can select Bluetooth 4.1 and support for Dolby Audiob 5.1 surrounding the sound.

Apple TV is also designed with the voice-based remote along with the built-in mic for the users, allowing them to search their voice. This device also enables the users to look for their favorite content with voice remote and discover more to watch. Definitely, it must be personalized by the recommendations out of the home screen.

To use this device, plug it in into the TVs through the HDMI port. This will allow the users to stream any content up to 1080p using the device. This streaming can also support the mirroring of the screen and as well as install various apps and games like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLIV, Voot and many more just by using the built-in app store.

By these two ways on how to turn on a conventional TV to a smart TV, it is expected that you can enjoy watching anything in smart TV just by turning your conventional TV without purchasing a new one.

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