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How to Use an Android Tablet and Use It as a Drawing Tablet

Why the knowledge on how to use an Android drawing tablet can be handy? Well, tablets are actually functional and useful. It can be used as the alternative to PC and yet it is portable and easily moved around. Its portability is even better than a laptop because it isn’t as prone or sensitive as the laptop.

But then again, the tablet can be a functional device for working – not only for fun. The Android slate can seriously perform tasks with the right apps and accessories. A lot of people underestimate the tablet, thinking that it is way below a laptop. Well, guess what? When you connect it to a keyboard, whether a Bluetooth or an extra real one, the tablet can be an effective replacement for a laptop – and it does a pretty good job too.

Managing Drawing Tablet

Besides its ability to get a professional job done (helping you with your work, typing, printing, browsing, or such thing alike), tablets are usually used by artists or designers. For them, having tablets improve their working performance and experience so much, especially from the portability and flexibility. One question that most designers or artists often ask is: How to use the tablet as a drawing tablet? It’s not like all tablets can be automatically turned into a digital canvas or whatsoever.

First of all, you need to have a special app for it – and there are actually many similar apps out there. But you can always try a Virtual Tablet, an app that you can install on your PC or laptop, and on the tablet. This app will allow you to use the tablet as the PC’s main input. It means that you can use the tablet as your drawing surface and you can enjoy the result on the PC.

Second, you need to choose a tablet that supports a stylus. A lot of Android drawing tablet offers the stylus as the extra accessory. But if you choose a tablet that doesn’t support it, then you won’t be able to turn the tablet into a drawing device. Third, because it isn’t an actual device for drawing, you may not get all the special features of the (drawing) tablet. And be prepared for some connection issues that result in lag. But technology is improving these days, and such apps are getting better each day. It may not be perfect but you can get the job satisfyingly done. Do your own research about the detailed technicalities.

Some Handy Tips

Just like other operating systems, there are some shortcuts that you can enjoy while running and operating your (Android) tablet. It will make your work runs faster and more efficiently. Here are some useful insights and tips that you can try on how to use an Android tablet.

  • Make use of the Dictation feature. Yes, you can actually speak to your tablet instead of using the keyboard – whether it is the on-screen type or the external one
  • Go to the Home Screen page and decide what widgets or apps you need. Feel free to add the icons there. You can also manage it based on your preferred categories, so be my guest and have fun!
  • If you look at the Home Screen at the bottom, there is a Recent icon there. Use it to switch between two programs or more. It will make your work and operate faster
  • Don’t forget to activate the WiFi when you want to enjoy faster browsing or you want to download new apps (or even do updates)
  • Do you know that the tablet can also be used to make calls? If you prefer the traditional calls, consider Skype. It is the best option so far. You need to install other apps if you want to make calls by internet connection, such as WhatsApp phone calls or Google Hangouts – but don’t forget to install the Hangouts Dialer app first.
  • You should try Google Now. It will provide you with better control over the tablet. You can do it with your voice or you can also search the net with it.
  • There are various and different Search icons. Make use of them! Feel free to use them to search for things within a specific app, on the net, or within the tablet.

In the event that you want to know how to screenshot an Android tablet, it can’t go easier than this. You only need to go to the page or the screen that you want to screenshot, and then hold the Volume Down as well as Power together. Make sure to do it at the same time. The tablet will capture the screen and you can see the result within your Image library. It is as easy as that!


This is probably your first time operating an Android tablet. Don’t be nervous and don’t be scared! Operating an Android gadget is pretty simple, straightforward, and easy. As long as you understand the basics of how to use an Android tablet, you should be just fine.

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