Outdoor RCA Antenna VH226F with Remote

Outdoor RCA Antenna Rotator VH226F with Remote

The coolest thing about this Outdoor RCA Antenna is the rotator – and also the fact that you can set it up for different positions. And this is an outdoor antenna, which means that you can’t place it inside the house. This will lead to your living room look clean and neat without any cables or sticking-out wires here and there. It may look like a regular antenna, but if you are familiar with RCA stuff, then you know that they are always coming with great products and features. 

The Rotator

A lot of users claim that this outdoor rotator Outdoor RCA Antenna is well-built. It is sturdy and solid and the operation is made easy. The rotor section has a sturdy case made from metal. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide more information about the maximum accommodation for the antenna moment or weight. And it also comes with extra holes on the lowest (mounting) bracket. This feature may look simple, but it can be super handy. You can also calibrate the whole setting to meet your requirements and preferences. 

Quiet Operation

The problem with most devices with rotators is the fact that it can be pretty noisy. But you won’t find such an issue with this one. What about the setup? It is super easy and straightforward. You should be able to see diagrams instructions so you can manage everything without hiring an expensive installation service. It’s true that the control box for this Outdoor RCA Antenna Rotator is bigger (when compared to other products), but it also comes with an easy-to-view display. So, you basically have a win-win benefit. 

You can pre-set the 12 buttons to the point that you want it to. There are West, East, South, and North located on the top side row and then there is F for Northwest and E for Northeast. These are only the 6 example usage of the pre-set buttons – feel free to change it if you want to. And the fact that you can re-calibrate it and also make use of the memorize button is just sweet. It gives you extra perks and benefits in the operation, for sure.

The Good and Bad

Aside from the features, the Rotator has an impressive calibration system. The control system is also great and easy to manage. In the event that you are having an issue with it, simply re-calibrate it and you are good to go. 

Some of the downsides of this Outdoor RCA Antenna Rotator are the absence of thread for the lower brackets. The upper bracket has stronger and tougher U-bolts but it would be nice if the lower one is threaded. Moreover, some users find out that the control wire is too short. It would be nice if the manufacturer can come with a standardized longer wire.


It is a good idea to hire a professional installer if you are clueless about this outdoor antenna – it’s for your own sake. But the overall, this antenna won’t disappoint you. It is definitely better than some of the popular and more expensive brands, so you should seriously considering buying this Outdoor RCA Antenna for your RCA Antenna and RCA TV.

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