RCA Better Cable Serpent Snake Edition

RCA Better Cable Serpent Snake Edition Features And Specification

So you are looking for RCA Cable for your audio, this is the better option you can consider. Yup, this RCA Better Cable Serpent Snake Edition product is quite recommendable due to the high performance along with the premium Hi-Fi audio and other highlights. This product is designed in a silver serpent snake edition with brown and white colors to match with any of your devices.

The silver serpent RCA Better Cable is a world-class audio cable that you will never find its equality. It has 12 x 1 x 12 inches dimension and 3 pounds weight, making it very proper to choose for your audio equipment. It comes also with outstanding performance and cost, therefore, choosing this product is a kind of considering value in terms of high-end audio cables.

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There are more features to offer, proving that this cable is the better option you can take into account. Those features include the followings

  1. This cable is not similar to the other cable. It is exclusively manufactured with special specifications.
  2. This cable mostly suits any stereo or multi-channel audio application such as Blu-ray, DVD, AV receivers, pre-amps, amplifiers, DVD-audio, high-end DACs, CD, and SACD as well as streaming media players.
  3. This cable will not subtract out of the original sound due to the neutral-sounding interconnect.
  4. It has a high-purity silver coating on the conductor.
  5. It supports low-loss connections because of the larger silver-coated conductor.
  6. RCA Better Cable improves your home theater directly as one of the home audio experiences.


Designed as one of the recommended cables, this product offers some tech specs include the stranded-core silver-coated conductors, low 17.3 pF/ft capacitance, 95% braided shielding, nitrogen-injected hard-cell insulation and highly flexible.

These tech specs are supporting the high performance of the cable of providing you some benefits of using the products. Maximize all the features along with the specifications to get the maximum satisfaction.


Using this RCA Better Cable will not make you feel disappointed due to some highlights presented by the cable.

  • Audio system with maximum performance

This type of cable offers an audio system with maximum performance. Although there is so many cables rival coming with a very expensive price sold in traditional sources, RCA Better Cable proves the high performance since it is produced in the USA with audiophile-grade connectors to match with extraordinary cable.

  • Ultra high performance and value

This cable has definitely ultra-high performance and value due to the feature of high-purity silver and oxygen-free copper conductors for audio playback. This ultra-high performance and value are also supported by the construction of silver conductors and high-end connectors.

  • Enjoy silky-smooth audio

Using this RCA Better Cable, you will be able to enjoy the silky smooth audio through the advanced low-loss conductors and industry-low capacitance measurements.

  • Availability of raw materials

Another highlight you have to know out of this cable is the availability of raw materials. The high quality of raw materials is very good to achieve the high performance of the cable just like the other high-end audio components.

  • The best silver for good conductors

When it comes to audio cables, silver is the king for conductivity. Did you know a fact? Gold is good, copper is great, but silver is the best of all. Silver is the precious metal chosen for creating a higher electrical conductivity. And this cable contains silver in its conductor. This is a big fact.

  • High purity copper

Besides silver, RCA Better Cables also use a high purity copper in audio interconnects. Adding copper to this cable means bringing warmth to the audio sound as the sonic detail added to the silver. Thus, it has an outstanding performance better than the other type of cables.

  • Trustable audio cable

RCA Better Cable is the one you can trust due to the highest quality for audio/video cables with the best value, too. Stared to be used since 1999, this cable proves the best usage.


Now you may take RCA Better Cable for your audio cables. Along with the high quality, complete features, and tech specs as well as the high-end performance, this cable will make you enjoy having the best home theater.

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