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6 RCA Cable Functions You Need To Know

RCA cable is also called RCA connector is a certain type of electrical connector that is typically used to carry not only audio but also video signals. Today, we are going to share you the detail of RCA cable functions so that you would know the big benefits of using it and how to utilize it well.

RCA originally stands for Radio Corporation of America. It was introduced in the 1930s. Now this electrical product is widely used to connect devices. In this case, all types of RCA cables and other compatible devices utilize a color codes system to show which socket is correct for each cable plug.

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Connecting The Audio and Video Components

Specifically, RCA cables are designed to connect the audio and video components of any kind of devices such as televisions, VCRs, speakers, cable boxes and DVD players. In this case, RCA cables have such capabilities to transmit the digital audio, analog audio, component analog video and composite analog video.

To differentiate the signal type, every cable plug is created with the different color to help you identify which type of signal you are going to transmit.

Send Audio Between The Devices

Particularly, if your device comes with HDMI port and coaxal digital audio or optical digital audio connections, you will use RCA cables to send audio between the devices. These types of connections offer a support not only a stereo but also multi-channel audio.

However, if your devices do not have them, using RCA cables is still reliable to send the sound or audio between the devices. In most cases, this connection type is paired with the video input or output.

Send 2-Channel Analog Audio Signals Between Devices

Other RCA cable function is sending 2-channel analog audios signals between devices. This is very possible if you have a stereo analog audio connection in your devices. This RCA cable function is usually able to support only the stereo audio. However, it can also be used for mono audio. If it is like this, it means that you can use just one connections.

Combine Channels

Basically, RCA cables are designed with the three RCA jacks to let the signal to enter or leave the devices through the three different channels. The lower end of camcorders usually come with only one jack which is called a stereo jack. This is functioning to combine the available channels.

For Transmission

Other function of RCA cables is for transmission. In this case, RCA cables will transmit the analog, non-digital and signals. As a result, the cables cannot be directly connected to a computer or even other digital device. Instead, the RCA cables will connect the amplifiers to all kinds of devices.

RCA Connectors Color Codes

Dealing with the functions, RCA connectors are designed with the color codes. The set usually comes with the classic video colored yellow while for the stereo sound is colored red/white. These connectors are used for audios.

For videos, the cables can be connected using its component colored green/blue/red and red/white for stereo sound. On the other hand, yellow color is used for the videos.

Overall, the main functions of RCA cable functions are to have the audio/video components and devices connected to each other. Of course, in the way they are connection one to another, there will be used some different colors to give codes. This is aimed to lead you correctly determine which type of signals you want to transmit.

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