RCA Projector Built in Bluetooth and DVD Player

RCA Projector Built-in Bluetooth and DVD Player

If you love RCA products, grab this RCA Projector built-in Bluetooth and DVD player RCA to complete your collection. The built-in DVD player is great to allow everybody to play movies directly from the projector. This is the main capability of the product that you have to know if you really want to purchase it for your home theater project.

Produced by RCA, this built-in Bluetooth and DVD player has a weight of 3.43 pounds along with the product dimension of 11.9 x 8 x 4.8 inches and completed by the built-in, surround and stereo speaker type.

To provide you with the sufficient product information, here is the review of the features and details of the product you can read on.

RCA Projector and DVD Player

The first detail about built-in Bluetooth and DVD player RCA is the dual-function of the product which is not only as a projector but also as a DVD player. To support the function, the LED lighting is lastly upgraded in 2019 with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio, making the product ideal for home entertainment. This way, this product is not recommended for ppt or office presentation.


The second fact to know about this built-in Bluetooth and DVD player is the great compatibility. Yup, it is incredibly compatible with CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD –R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, SVCD, and VCD without a blue-ray DVD.

This product also has AV, HDMI, VGA and Micro SD Card Port, allowing you to use it with PCs, laptops, TV box, Fire TV Stick, tablets, Chrome Book, Micro SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Blue-ray DVD player, Media Players, iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones.

Hence, whatever kinds of devices you want to use with, you can just easily get connected.

Bluetooth and Surround Speaker

If you want to enjoy the pleasing sound in many different scenes, this RCA product is considered good to take as an option. It is due to the feature of Bluetooth and surrounds speaker where you could store every sound effect detail.

Using the Bluetooth just enables you to connect your ideal Bluetooth speaker wirelessly anytime. Thus, you can enjoy the real home theater along with the great surround speaker.

80% Less Fan Noise

Do you know that this built-in Bluetooth and DVD player has 80% less fan noise? Be happy with this truth. To provide you with superior performance, the feature of 80% less fan noise is added. It is a newly-enhanced cooling down and fan system to create the low noise out of a home projector. As a result, anything you are enjoying with this device will not bother you with the noise.


Finally, you can approve that RCA Projector with built-in Bluetooth and DVD player RCA is a good RCA product to choose to complete your real home entertainment. The DVD player does a lot to allow you to play movies directly from the projector. This is how a product is designed to serve you with the big satisfaction. What about purchasing it now? you can check another great RCA Projector here

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