RCA Projector RPJ129 Features And Product Highlight 2

RCA Projector RPJ129 Features And Product Highlight

If you are looking for an office component to support the way you work, RCA Projector is very much recommended. Designed as one of the greatest office suites, this projector offers up to 160 pictures size and 2000 lumens along with 1280 x 800 resolution. It also offers two HDMI input with the built-in 2-watt stereo speakers.

There are some details information dealing with this projector. You can check it out in the product review below. Yup, the information includes the product features and details as well as the product highlights.

Features and Details

Some features along with the product details you have to know just before finally purchasing this product are:

  1. The resolutions of 1080p are the highest resolution you can optimize the usage along with the supported aspect ratio of 4:3 / 16:9, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a lamp lifetime of 40000 hours. Meanwhile, the watching size is 32”-176” along with the projector distance of 1.5M-5m. (Please remember: this is not recommended for PPT, Excel, Word or business presentation).
  2. RCA Projector RPJ129 is very ideal for home entertainment especially for home theater, indoor and outdoor movies as well as kinds of video games with HDMI port connection. This projector also enables you to connect the home theater system to get the expected sound quality. At this time, this product is very good for a dark environment.
  3. This product is a kind of multimedia portable projector which is compatible with TV box, Chromebox, PCs, laptops, blue-ray DVD player, tablets, USB flash drive, SD card, video games, media players and smartphones. The media players include music, pictures, video, and TXT. Meanwhile, smartphones do not include the wireless HDMI Dongle.
  4. This projector is also a good choice for Christmas. It will work well with your daily TV stick and smartphones.

Product Highlights

The second information you have to check out about the projector is the product highlights. These are about how good the product shows its performance. The product highlights will ensure that once you are purchasing it, you will never get disappointed. Now please refer to the following highlights review to make you sure about the product.

  1. Cool design

RCA Projector RPJ129 has a very cool design that everyone would love it. It is due to the lights which are always on and you don’t need to turn them off. For some users, this projector is very good for presentation.

  • User-friendly

This RCA products is featuring user-friendly to enable the users and even the new users to adjust and use the projector. So, you don’t have to feel worried if you would use this projector for the first time in your presentation. You will have no significant difficulty in using the product and go on your presentation well.

  • Good to purchase

As one of the recommended projector especially for office suits, this one is a good choice due to the affordable cost and high performance. The minimum noise of the fan will never interfere with your activities.

  • Great for Christmas gift

The next highlight you can consider buying this projector is the fact that the projector is great for a Christmas gift. It is because the design and style are suitable for travel purposes. You can bring it just with its own travel pouch to keep everything neat.

Thus, if you are frequently going out of town for your project or presentation dealing with your work obligation, this one is the best choice.

  • Good response time

RCA Projector RPJ129 also has a very good response time especially to start and clarity. This product highlight is very supporting the way you want to start your presentation at your definite time.

  • Keep Cool Itself

Amazingly, this projector keeps itself cool after a couple of hours. Well, if you are using this projector for 2 or 3 hours, it must be hot and so must the charger. After you turn off the projector, it will cool itself though the rolled cable is still much hot.


Conclusively, this kind of projector is good to use for an office suite. Maximize the usage by optimizing all the features so that you can greatly make your presentation.

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