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RCA Universal Remote 6

Welcome to RCA products and get highlighted by RCA Universal Remote as a new amazing product here. The black new design of the remote will exactly bring you to satisfaction in using the product now and then. Yup, this remote is designed in such a way to suit both the functionality and the performance. If you are just looking for a high-performance remote for your TV watching, this one can be listed in the consideration. 

Just before you finally purchase this product and make a payment, let me tell you how the product is. The information below includes the product information and the product capabilities that most users have been satisfied with. 

RCA Universal Remote 6 Product Information 

If you buy this on Amazon, you will have a package dimension of 10.9 x 4.6 x 1.3 inches with the item weight of 5 ounces only. If you want to ship the item, the shipping weight is also 5 ounces. This product is manufactured by RCA along with ASIN B079Q497D7 and manufacturer reference RCRPST06GBE. 

Make sure you check this product information before making a transaction.

Always Works Well 

RCA Universal Remote proves to work well either in the first order or in the next order. It will work great right out of the box for your Samsung TV and Samsung Sound Bar plus Roku Ultra and Apple TV 4.0 along with TVOS 13.1. 

You can directly use the remote without any setup even for the first use. The center buttons look larger and they are always usable. You won’t have any problem with using it and definitely you will feel pleased with this product. 

Very Good Option 

This RCA product is just a very good option to take although you may already have all of your original remotes. When you find your original remote quit working, you may use your other remote to operate your big TV. However, there will be some buttons that may not work properly. Thus, all you need to have is this RCA Remote to operate the Roku, your soundbar, your TV and all the functions work very properly. 

Again, this remote is a very good option instead of having 4 or more remote laying around you. This remote has even the ability to control 3 and more devices for 6 total. One question: is there any remote like this remote presented by RCA? 

Excellent Replacement 

Did you realize that this remote is also an excellent replacement? Having multiple remotes requires you to consolidate them, right. Now you can replace them all just with one excellent remote that is RCA Universal Remote. Trust me, this one is just an excellent item to operate all of your devices. 

How To Program Your RCA Remote 

Once you purchase the item and bring it home, one thing you need to check out is how to program it. prior to the programming process, make sure you have put the batteries in and sync all the components and devices. If these are all set, here are the steps you must follow to link the remote to the hardware. 

  1. Switch on the component or device you need to setup. 
  2. Tap and release the button corresponding with the component you are programming. Let the remote’s on/off button light up and remain it. 
  3. Press and hold the component button simultaneously along with the on/off button, too. This will turn off the illuminated on/off button. Afterward, the button will turn back on. 
  4. After the on/off button relights, release it. Keep it in the position. 
  5. Tap and release the “play” button on the remote. Check if the component you are programming is not turning after 5 seconds. If so, make sure you continue hitting the “play” button every five seconds until the component is turning off. 
  6. The next step is to press and release the “Stop” button to save the program for the device in the memory of the remote. 
  7. If you want to pair with your remote, repeat the steps 1-7 times for each additional device you have. 


In conclusion, choosing the RCA Universal Remote is a good option and a great decision to make. Just be confident to replace your original remotes with this remote to amazingly operate your multiple devices at home.  read more complete guide on how to program RCA Universal Remote to your TV here

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