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You probably have heard about TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 that is increasing in popularity, especially these days. Well, when compared to similar types, this TV is definitely cheap. Whereas other brands may have reached thousands of dollars worth for an item, this one is definitely different. And the low price doesn’t mean that it is lousy or ugly. You can still enjoy some of the great features and sophisticated specs – and you won’t even have to worry about your wallet. It’s no wonder if the TV is super popular.

About TCL 4K Roku TV

Okay, so you’ve heard people talk about TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425, but you are completely clueless about it. Is it some kind of a new TV brand? What does it do? What good does it offer when compared to other brands? Well, RCA is a brand offered by Roku TV, one of the streaming services existed in our society today. Yes, Roku TV has been around for quite a while – they are basically almost the same as Netflix or other services. The service is now expanding its service by offering a new TV brand – the RCA. Think of it as a Netflix having its own TV brand. Get the idea now?

The purpose of RCA is to help Roku TV build its own TV platform, focusing on the smart TV service that is running on Roku OS. With the early main focus on the U.S and also Canada, the service will provide customers with a top-notch smart TV that isn’t only reliable but also easy to use. The TV provides access to more than 450,000 TV episodes and movies, as well as 5,000 streaming channels. Basically, you will never run out of enjoyable entertainment when you have this TV at home. Not to mention that you can enjoy the combination service of the Roku TV platform as well as the RCA brand to make your entertainment time more satisfying.

The General View of the Roku TV

Whereas other TVs may only come in 1080p resolution, this TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 comes with 4K HD type! Yes, can you imagine that? You can enjoy a 4K TV without having to spend thousands of dollars. And you can also enjoy the generous 65 inches, promising wide and satisfying TV viewing moment right at home. With such size and dimension, you can definitely have a go at any angle, and be sure that your viewing flexibility won’t be affected by anything.

If you have this TV, it’s like having a device that can do it all. You can stream the channels freely. You can have great times with the TV program broadcast. You can connect it to any gaming console available. And the best part is? You can manage the connection without any hassle or complication. The user interface system is just superb. Thanks to the combination of dual-band wireless technology and the handy remote control, it would be super easy and fast to access everything on the TV.

Feel free to use the Roku mobile app to perform a voice search. Would you be able to connect the TV to your mobile phone? Why not? As long as you have Roku apps (for Android or iOS, for now), managing the direct connection (as well as a straightforward operation) would be a breeze. It also works with Google Assistant and Alexa, so expect greatly advanced operation with this smart TV around.

The RCA Design Products

When it comes to the design element of this TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425, it is pretty plain and flat. The frame is a glossy plastic bezel in black that is flat and directly plain. Well, you have to admit that the inexpensive TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 price is one crucial factor that determines the overall layout and design of the device, so the plain design shouldn’t surprise you. The frame is an inch on the bottom and half an inch on the sides and on the top. The TV itself has two glossy plastic legs (also in black) with C-shape design. If you take a look at it, there is an RCA logo on the middle part of the bottom side with an infrared sensor on the lower corner on the right side.

There should be a reset button along with two USB ports on the left side of the TV but on the back. There are also a (composite) video input, 3 HDMI ports, a headphone aux/jack output (3.5mm), a cable connector, an optical audio output, and an Ethernet port there too. If you want to look for the buttons’ small cluster, you should be able to find one on the right corner side (also on the back). They are basically the backup controls in case the remote isn’t working well.

The Universal Remote Control

The Roku TV remote is pretty basic and standard. It comes as a non-enhanced infrared device with thin and small design. The direction pad is purple, where you can find the playback and menu buttons. There are several dedicated buttons for Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and Fandango Now – find them right under the playback buttons. It isn’t sophisticated or high-end – it definitely doesn’t have any Bluetooth connection.

If you want to enjoy private listening or voice search features, you can only use the Roku App for iOS and Android. Yes, they can provide and deliver quite smooth basic media streaming and TV control from the smartphone. You can also read this complete information about RCA Universal Remote Control.

The Smart TV Features

One of the best things about this TV is the Smart TV platform from Roku for the connection and the interface system. It means that you can enjoy consistent and continuous high-quality entertainment experience right at your home. You can also enjoy the video streaming services and the direct connected apps – you will never run out of good entertainment or great shows. Thanks to it, you can stay connected to Youtube, Sling TV, Google Play Movies, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and so much more. The TV can also be used for impressive music streaming service where you can gain access to SiriusXM, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music – just to name a few.

TCL Performance and 4K Quality

The TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) in HDR 10, but it doesn’t have Dolby Vision. This is too bad, considering that the contrast performance isn’t as impressive as other TV brands – despite the fact that it supports HDR technology. Although the color brightness is pretty good, it isn’t particularly dark or bright. Some users claim that the performance is pretty so-so – just fall in the middle. When you compare this TV to Fire TV Edition from Toshiba, for instance, the one from Toshiba has a brighter panel.

Although it isn’t superb or perfect in handling extreme dark or light, it handles general colors in a better manner. Accurate color is a definite outcome although it doesn’t reach the expected wider color P3 space. But then, you must remember the price range. Oh yes, such a price factor determines the overall quality. But if you want to think about it, the color performance is pretty strong and impressive for an inexpensive budget TV.

Don’t forget that you can still enjoy the details of every image presented on the screen. You will still be able to see fine textures, like leaves or fur (from Planet Earth BBC), and they are looking clean and bright. Islands in blues and greens look natural and vivid. Basically, it won’t be the richest or the brightest picture, but rest assured that everything is balanced. There is something artistically pleasant about the outcome.

But there are also times when you may experience flickering. They may not be too often, but they happen. And some of the colors may seem washed out, especially in several movies or shows. But then again, these are minor flaws and you may not even realize them if you are too immersed in your entertainment.

Power Consumption and Input Lag

What is an input lag? It is the time measured between the screen updates and when the TV gets a signal. This TV has a mediocre result of 38.2 milliseconds – this applies to most situations and conditions. But when the Game mode is turned on, the performance somewhat improves and the result reaches 15.4 milliseconds. This is one of the reasons why this TV is considered one of the best devices for gaming activity.

Based on TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 review, a lot of users are very comfortable when using this device for their gaming situation. Setting up is easy and image quality is just superb. The TV requires 95W for its brightest setting. But you can reduce it to the Normal mode, where the TV only ‘needs’ 69W of power. Such a setting is already enough to deliver pleasant and comfortable viewing. The images are still bright and clear although darker setting would make it dim. Too bad that this TV doesn’t have any power saving mode or such thing alike.

The Good and Bad TCL Roku TV

When we are talking about a product, it is pretty normal to expect the best benefits from it. And yet, you shouldn’t forget that nothing can be 100% perfect, so be ready for some downsides or flaws. On the good side, this TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 has some pleasant elements that make it a winning device. First of all, the TV is inexpensive – if not dirt cheap. And despite the low price, you can still expect some impressive features that can improve your enjoyment while watching TV. Just because it is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that it would be lame.

Second, the TV comes with accurate colors – which are quite important if you want to enjoy top-notch viewing quality. The images are bright and crisp, and you can really enjoy the details. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite show or you want to play games (or connect it to whatever external console you have), rest assured that you will get a satisfying image quality. Third, you will definitely gain direct access to Roku TV, where you will enjoy limitless services and apps at once. After all, it isn’t just a regular TV – it is a smart TV! And you can enjoy low input lag, meaning that you can stream or enjoy your favorite show without any disturbance or obstruction.

However, don’t forget that you should also be ready with some of the downsides. Poor contrast is one of the flaws that you should be prepared for – at least when it comes to this TV. It is minor, but still….it isn’t perfect. Moreover, the colors may not go above the broadcast standards even though it is accurate. It may not be significantly visible on naked eyes, but it is there.


In the end, you can always consider having this TV when you have limited budgets – and yet you want to enjoy top-notch quality entertainment. You won’t have to break your wallet just to be able to enjoy everything. Of course, this device has its own downside and flaws. But if you can look past them, and you focus more on the perks, then you will find out that this TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 is truly worth it. Don’t forget to check our best RCA product like RCA Antenna that 100% Support and compatible with this smart TV. If you want to know more about Guide and Review about this tV you can read here Guide and Review 2020 of TCL 6 Series 65 Inch 4K UHD

PDF Link Download

Specification Sheet PDF File

In the event that you want to learn about the detailed specs, you can always come to the link below. The manual is available in pdf format which means that you can download it and read it later in your device with a pdf reader. Knowing the details can help you have a clearer idea about what to expect from this TV. Download TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 Specification Sheet

Quick Start Guide PDF File

In the event you want to learn more about its QuickStart feature, you can always visit this link. Feel free to download or view it in your device. Who knows? Maybe you are finally interested in buying the TV and you will need this guide to help you activate the TV. Download TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 Quick Start Guide

User Manual PDF File

A lot of users claim that managing the installation is pretty easy. It is direct and straightforward. Even if you are new at this, you won’t have any problem managing everything, including the setting and the adjustment. If you are interested in buying one, it doesn’t hurt to check the below link. You can get some ideas from the manual. At least you can get a better understanding of the device. Download TCL 4K Roku TV 65-inch 65S425 User Manual

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