Unable to To Join Zoom Meeting

Unable To Join Zoom Meeting Causes And How To Solve It

There are usually some troubleshooting zoom issues that may cause you unable to join zoom meeting. This way, there are two things that you must primarily concern dealing with your effort to join it. Those are the installation of Zoom client and it is still up-to-date and the versions of Zoom you run.

So the solution you are going to take depends on the situation why you are unable to join the zoom meeting. Now let’s find the solution by firstly recognizing the reasons or the causes behind it.

You Are Able To Join Zoom Meeting But No One Else There

If you are sure you can join the zoom meeting but there is no one comes in the meeting, there are two things you should do. First, confirm the meeting host that the meeting has already been started. Look for the meeting ID which is usually displayed at the top of the host’s Zoom window. For example, the Zoom Meeting ID 123-456-7890. Later, you can check the Meeting ID in your screen. If the ID doesn’t match, you may join another meeting. So ask the host to share you the ID and join the meeting.

The second situation is the fact if you are the host. In this case, make sure that you have not yet unable the waiting room. If you have, it is recommended that you manually admit the participants before they are able to join your meeting.

You Cannot Hear or Talk to People In Zoom Meeting

This is probably the situation when you are unable to join zoom meeting. Well, if you cannot hear or talk people in the meeting, you should check the attendee controls that you can see in the bottom of the meeting window. Click an option “Join Audio” icon on the far left. If your audio is not working the trouble is probably on your device.

Dealing with the host permission, it is always possible that the host allows only a telephony audio. Thus, you cannot join the meeting with your computer audio. However, you can still be able to join the zoom meeting through your phone.

People Cannot See You In Zoom Meeting

The next causes why you cannot join the zoom meeting is probably the fact that people cannot see you in the meeting. In this case, you may have successfully joined but none else see you there. What to do then?

Check the Start Video icon which is usually located at the bottom of the meeting window. If you connect to Zoom meeting using a Lenovo device while your video doesn’t work, check your Lenovo device and find out the troubleshooting of video not working. Further, if the video doesn’t work in Zoom client just outside the meeting, the problem is on your device.

You Cannot Access the Recordings

Perhaps, you are unable to join zoom meeting because you cannot access the recordings. Basically, Cloud recording is stored on your Zoom.uc Cloud service for a certain time period. 120-days is usually limited-time given.

To check out where your Zoom meeting recording is stored, you can simply find out “Change location for recording” option in the Local recording section. Once you find the .zoom file you are searching for, don’t hesitate to double-click it.

In short, the inability to join Zoom meeting can be caused by certain situations. So the way you solve the problem depends on what problem you face. The situations we have just described above are commonly happens and be the reasons why you might not be able to join the meeting. So recognize the situations and find the suitable solutions like we have shared, too.

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