Can’t Download Or Update Apps On Your iPhone

6 Ways To Try If You Can’t Download Or Update Apps On Your iPhone

Downloading new apps is always interesting and lots of fun. But what if you can’t download or update apps on your iPhone? Is there anything in trouble with the device or you yourself don’t know how to do it well? In fact, there are some simple things to do not to let you feel frustrated because of the issue.

However, some causes of why you can’t download the apps must be recognized before you start applying the solutions. In most cases, the App Store rules, the simple software bugs and the problems with your device settings or Apple ID can be the source of issues why you can’t download or update apps on your iPhone.

So here are what to do to help you.

Use Wi-Fi Connection To Download The Apps

Sometimes, it is simply because there is a limitation to download an app over a cellular connection. For example, if you are using 4G Lite, it would be limited for you to download the apps you want. In this case, Apple limits the size of apps which is usually up to 200 MB only. If you are downloading an app which is bigger than that, it is much recommended that you connect to Wi-Fi and try again the download.

Restart The App Store App

The second simple way you can try to fix your problem is restarting the App Store app on your iPhone. This is because the app can probably get down so you need to clear the bug. This way, once you quit the app, open the App Store app and download the app again. It is considered able to refresh the App Store app where you can download any app you want.

Pause and Restart The Apps You Are Downloading

If you still can’t download or update apps on your iPhone, perhaps you need to pause and restart the apps you are downloading. Keep in mind that this idea will definitely work when the app download stalls. Look at your iPhone’s screen and find out an app icon appearing. The icon usually indicates whether the downloading process is normal or slow. Tap the icon to pause and wait for a few seconds. Tap the icon again and to continue downloading.

Restart Your iPhone

When you find your device getting slow, sometimes you need to restart it in order that it works again. In this case, there might be probably a temporary glitch in a software component or operating system. So restarting the device is best described to fix the issues.

Check Your Apple ID Payment Method

Usually, you have to connect to a payment method to your Apple ID when you want to download an app. Even though you are downloading a free app, you will still be require to determine the payment method. In this case, if your cards is expired, you will never be able to download the apps. Thus, it is recommended that you add a valid payment method to fix the issue.

Sign Out and Sign In

Perhaps you would try the technique of sign out and sign in. It is due to the assumption that there might be something wrong with your Apple ID. This method may be able to fix your issue if the connection between your iPhone and Apple ID is containing an error. So sign out by heading to Settings, tap your name and select Sign Out. After all, tap Sign In and entering your Apple ID along with your username and password.

In short, there are always some ways to fix if you can’t download or update apps on your iPhone. Try one of the ideas we have been shared. If you find it helpful, share with your friends.

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