Why won’t my iPhone update to iOS 14

Why Wont My iPhone Update to iOS 14? Problem Solved

Why wont my iPhone update to iOS 14 ? It is the just a common question that a person keeps questioning when his/her iPhone cannot update to iOS. Well, just because you have such problem doesn’t mean that you can get any solution, right?

Typically, iPhone must be able to upgrade to iOS 14 in a straightforward way. In the other words, it will automatically update. Alternatively, you can just force it to upgrade by heading to Settings and select General and Software Update. However, it could be a problem when your device refuses to update.

Today, we come with a bundle of tips to deal with your iPhone’s updating issues. Specially, we offer you the best selected 4 method how to fix the issues.

Method 1: Check Out the iPhone’s Compatibility to iOS 14

In fact, not all types of iPhone is able to run the latest version of the operating system. Based on Apple, there are six iPhone’s types that allow you to upgrade them to iOS 14. Those are All iPhone 11, All iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and the last is iPhone SE which includes both the first and the second generation. You can also update iOS 14 on the seventh generation of iPod touch.

Now if you are using iPhone 5S or the earlier version, well, you are not in a good luck. This means that you cannot update the device to iOS 14.

Method 2: Check Out The Storage Availability

The second method you can try to solve the problem why your iPhone cannot update to iOS 14 is to check out the storage availability. Keep in mind that iOS 14 needs about 2.2GB of storage space. However, you will typically need more that this storage capacity to install the update successfully. In this case, make sure that you have at least 5GB of total free space on your iPhone both to download and to install the update.

It is pretty easy to know how much free space that your iPhone has now. Head to “Settings” and select “General”. After that, choose “iPhone Storage”. If it seems that you don’t have the space needed, you must get to know how to free up space on your iPhone to provide it with the additional storage.

Method 3: Check Out The Connectivity and Battery Life

Why wont my iPhone update to iOS 14 ? This way, you need likely to check out the network as well as the battery life. Are you sure that your iPhone is already connected to a Wi-Fi network? This is just a small thing to look over yet it can block your iOS update.

Dealing with the battery life, make sure you iPhone has at least 50% of battery life when you want to update it to iOS 14. If not, you had better connect the phone to a charger before you start updating.

Method 4: Restart Your iPhone

Only when all the methods fail, you can restart the iPhone. In most cases, restarting the iPhone seems the ideal solution to solve any small issues including the iOS update.

To restart the iPhone, press and hold the power button and wait for the slider to appear on the screen. Later, drag the slider to the right so your iPhone will turn off. Next, wait for a few seconds so that the device completely off. Press and hold the power button until you see an Apple logo appears on your screen. The phone is starting normally.

Now that you know the 4 methods to answer you questioning why wont my iPhone update to iOS 14 ?, try them soon and get the issue solved.

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